Massage & bodywork in Beverly Hills

Therapeutic Massage <i>by Kai</i>Therapeutic Massage <i>by Kai</i>

Therapeutic Massage by Kai

Deep Tissue & 5 more

(818) 925-6395

12 mi from city ctr $50+ In-studio & mobile

Hi, my name is Kai. If you have not found the right massage therapist I hope you'll give me a try. Massage table with…

Zen Bodywork <i>by Johnny</i>Zen Bodywork <i>by Johnny</i>

Zen Bodywork by Johnny

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 3 more

(309) 280-3455

4 mi from city ctr $160+ Mobile only

\u2026I have been trained by great massage therapists & home massage videos for stress relief. I offer full body, pressure point, Zen relaxation for…\u2026

Massage by JasonMassage by Jason

Massage by Jason

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports, Acupressure, Polarity Therapy & Reiki

(310) 749-4797

2 mi from city ctr $100+ In-studio & mobile

…I am a professional massage therapist licensed by the California Massage Therapy Council & am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. I…

Energy Work <i>by Sam</i>Energy Work <i>by Sam</i>

Energy Work by Sam

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 5 more

(562) 686-9717

6 mi from city ctr $100+ In-studio & mobile

\u2026Im using Thai technique with providing full body stress relief for every body type. Happiness of my clients is my main goal! ! Im…\u2026

Massage by KarenMassage by Karen

Massage by Karen

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Aromatherapy & Lymphatic Drainage

(310) 487-1941

2 mi from city ctr $120+ In-studio & mobile

…I specialize in many types of body therapy, like Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports, bamboo therapy, aromatherapy & treatments with hot stones. Lymphatic drenage…

(323) 348-8725

6 mi from city ctr $100+ Mobile only

…I offer half hour sessions, hour & 2 hour. Massage done on massage table, massage is done with a nice massage oil or shea…

Zen Bodywork <i>by Agatha</i>Zen Bodywork <i>by Agatha</i>

Zen Bodywork by Agatha

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone & Reiki

(786) 670-0066

1 mi from city ctr $170+ In-studio only

I always try to create a confortable environment to providing deep relaxation. Accompaniment in the massage packages for. weight loss & cellulite. Relaxing massage.

Massage by MimiMassage by Mimi

Massage by Mimi

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone & Reflexology

(310) 912-5452

12 mi from city ctr $70+ In-studio only

…I provide relaxation massage with soft music soft lighting… Swedish Reflexology Aromatherapy. My Mission is to provide attentive quality caring Therapeutic Massage to my…

Massage by SkylarMassage by Skylar

Massage by Skylar

Aromatherapy, Esalen, Lomi Lomi & Reiki

(760) 840-0127

1 mi from city ctr $120+ In-studio & mobile

…I earned my CMT 9 years ago & studied Hawaiian Lomi Lomi in Kaui, HI & Esalen in Big Sur, CA. I offer Lomi…

Massage Arts <i>by Mika</i>Massage Arts <i>by Mika</i>

Massage Arts by Mika

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Neuromuscular, Ortho-Bionomy, Orthopedic, CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage & Myofascial Release

(310) 980-8216

6 mi from city ctr $120+ Mobile only

…I studied musculoskeletal (neuro-fascio-skeletal), foundational anatomy from Dr. Joe Muscolino, who is an approved provider by National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork…

Massage Therapy <i>by Pam</i>Massage Therapy <i>by Pam</i>

Massage Therapy by Pam

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai & Reflexology

(818) 937-3998

6 mi from city ctr $140+ In-studio only

Hi there, My name is Pam, I’m a Certified Massage Therapist. I have been a massage therapist for over 5 years. I specialize in…

Therapeutic Massage <i>by Rita</i>Therapeutic Massage <i>by Rita</i>

Therapeutic Massage by Rita

Deep Tissue, Swedish & Acupressure

(310) 425-4019

4 mi from city ctr $130+ In-studio & mobile

Hello, my name is Rita. I'm certified & I have over 8 years of experience. My body work modalities include Acupressure, deep tissue, Swedish…

Massage by NinaMassage by Nina

Massage by Nina

Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Tui Na & Prenatal and Postnatal

(310) 227-1398

2 mi from city ctr $140+ In-studio & mobile

Hi my name is Nina I am a professional therapist Working on body work healings. Educations. Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (Mahidol University…

Massage by IsaacMassage by Isaac

Massage by Isaac

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Neuromuscular, Reflexology & Myofascial Release

(323) 896-9875

4 mi from city ctr $150+ In-studio & mobile

…(ie: Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach). I am well versed in various massage techniques including Sports, Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofascial release,…

Massage by MarieMassage by Marie

Massage by Marie

Deep Tissue, Sports & Hot Stone

(818) 900-9110

14 mi from city ctr $160+ In-studio & mobile

…I have over 15 years of experience working for different private clients, spas & chiropractic offices. I am mobile & can come to you…

Massage by JordynMassage by Jordyn

Massage by Jordyn

Swedish, Shiatsu & 11 more

(323) 648-2283

11 mi from city ctr $120+ Mobile only
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