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magine how you feel after a personal massage. You wish you could be in that moment for as long as possible, right? Well, too bad! Now you have the in season traffic drive home. Slow drivers, people racing in and out, & the fender bender creating delays, and then the dreaded drawbridge.
Now how do you feel? Save yourself the stress. Have Rebecca Allen, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) bring professional therapy to you. Have an in home massage & stay in bliss for as long as you want.

Rebecca is certified in several massage techniques to ensure she can offer a quality massage for a wide range of needs. Her expertise in rehabilitative bodywork include Neuromuscular, TMJ Disorder, Chronic Headache Relief, & Thorasic Outlet Syndrome. Her unique training in Oncology Massage offers clients surviving cancer the benefit bodywork while providing the specialized care required to keep the client safe & comfortable. Spa services such as body scrubs & hot stone are also available.

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