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assage Therapy is an art and a science where touch is the core ingredient. Touch conveys a sense of caring. Massage Therapist's use a variety of hands-on methods and specific techniques for pain relief, relaxation and to stimulate and tone the body for better health.

I provide professional, relaxing therapeutic massage services in order to provide my clients with a variety of benefits. Some of the more common benefits my patients experience are:

reduced pain
reduced stiffness and motion limitations
reduced muscular and emotional stress
increased flexibility
increased blood flow
enhanced soft tissue healing
an inherent sense of well-being

Each session is personalized from a wide variety of massage techniques and designed to meet my clients individual needs and preferences. I provide the means to discover your sense of health and well being in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Home massage has the added benefits of being in an environment that you, the client, are familiar and comfortable in so there is less stress.

I invite you to contact me today and experience for yourself the benefits of natural, therapeutic massage and bodywork.

**I am also Certified in Gua Sha/IASTM (also known as Scraping) and am Certified in Medical Massage and Ayurvedic modalities.

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