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Master medical massage therapist, Becca Black, has had consistent success in relieving both chronic and acute pain through her expert use of massage techniques and bodywork.
Pain is caused by nerves sending out a sort of mayday signal to the brain as an alert that there is something wrong. This signal tells your body to adjust body posture, gait or even not use the area in pain to avoid further injury. The signal also works to engage repairative cells into... action. However, often the body gets stuck in the mayday loop due to lack of true recovery, continued use of injured tissues, and even the misuse of the mayday signal from the nerves themselves. So here starts the pain cycle, often engaging other areas of the body in the cycle from poor alignment of posutre and compensation of gait to coddle the injured area.
Becca Black's understanding of the pain cycle allows her to identify the cause of the pain, whether its inflammation, tension, scar tissue or overactive nerves. With finely tuned palpation skills she can usually pin point the exact area of pain and build a plan of action to address the issue head on, rather than relying on general pain relievers or surgery that typically ends up causing further problems.
She then uses several methods to begin the pain relief process:
These methods are often, if not always, used in conjuction with one another.
Trigger point therapy & neuromuscular therapy - used as a sort of "off button" for small, intense areas of pain that often refer pain to other areas of the surrounding tissue. This is a direct, pin-pointed pressure applied to a typically very sore area. The pressure is held for between thrity second to two minutes, causing the nerves to send out rapid mayday signals, cutting off blood supply to the effected tissue, and often is coupled with friction to break apart adhered muscle fibers. When pressure is released, the nerves quickly stop their mayday signal, thankful for the release in pressue. Fresh blood, rich in oxygen is flooded through the tissue, expelling stagnant blood and flushing the area pink and warm. Often there is immediate and lasting pain relief, though the area may be slightly sore just to the touch the next day, which is easily treatable with ice application, while the pain in the muscle remains alleviated.
Stretching coupled with compression - we all know the benefits of stretching; lengthening of tight muscles is the most basic form of pain reducing strategy. However, when muscles are passively stretched (meaning you aren't the one stretching your own muscles), coupled with gliding compression massage, a deeper stretch can be achieved. The gluiding compression also loosens adhered muscle fibers, promotes blood flow and pushes lactic acid out of muscles, allowing the muscle to stay looser for longer than active stretching.
Myoskeletal alignment - though this is not the same as chiropractic work (which is a fantastic accompaniment to medical massage), it does follow the same principals. If the skeletal system is out of alignment, then the muscles tend to get sore from shortening or pulling on the tendons. The way myoskeletal alignment is used is to compress the tendons at their attachment site while using body movement to allow the body to adjust itself. The spine will usually gladly fall back into the proper alignment while the muscles are being treated for tension or overstretching. A chiropractor can manipulate the bones themselves back into place, but if the muscles are tight, causing the misalignment in the first place, then the tight muscles will simply pull the bones right back out of alignment.
Deep tissue massage - often when you recieve a massage, the therapist only works the superficial muscles, leaving the deeper muscles neglected and still in pain. True deep tissue massage isn't about how hard or forceful the massage therapist is determined to work, its about easing through the layers of muscle, causing as little damage as possible, and ensuring as much pain relief as possible. There is a way to finess into the deeper muscles that leaves the superficial muscles happily relaxed, but this is a skill sadly few professionals possess, often leaving unsuspecting clients bruised and swollen and in great pain. Proper deep tissue is a marriage of relaxation massage and finess, usually using elbows for stable pressue.
Crossfiber friction - used for breaking apart scar tissue while promoting oxygenation to the tissues. After an injury or surgery the lasting damage caused by scar tissue can be highly detremental to recovery. Flexibility is lost and poor blood flow inhibits healthy muscle tissue to reform. Following surgery you are often left with no help for dealing with the scar tissue that rapidly develops, leaving your recovery not nearly as successful as it should be. Cross fiber friction acts as an irritant to the body, actively breaking down scar tissue while encouraging the healing process to continue by making it possible for healthy tissue to regrow.


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Techniques: Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Prenatal and Postnatal, Sports, Trigger Point

Experience: 5 years

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Aug. 2002 - Aug. 2004

Associate Degree in Massage Therapy

Heritage College, Oklahoma City, OK

Aug. 2002 - Aug. 2004

Certified Massage Therapist

Heritage College, Oklahoma City, OK

Oct. 2012

Certified Educator of Infant Massage

International Association of Infant Massage, Oklahoma City, OK